cj hekxsa curriculum vitae - Artistic activities
Year 2015, November
Work private exhibition - Interactive installations
Name Bingo Gallery: Relax, nothing is Under Control, Oulu
Year 2013 - 2015
Work several public exhibitions - Computer animations for a video wall
Name Rotuaari; Loistomedia: 'Tuira - my love', 'A Good Egg', 'Computations', Oulu
Year 2012
Work visual loops and installation
Name Oulun taiteiden yö: 'Off the Top of My Shelf', 'Fashionably Virtual', at Designer's Market, Oulu
Year 2011, December - 2012 January
Work private exhibition - A living painting for multiple projectors
Name Rajakylä Public Library: Time, Space, Movement and Matter - scetches of the unseen, Oulu
Year 2011
Work installation, visuals
Name Mansedanse 2011: Body Motion, installation for computer, projector and Kinect motion sensor, club visuals, Tampere
Year 2011
Work a living painting, video installation in collaboration with Danni Xi
Name Muse festival: Kulttuurikauppila, 'Random Stories', Ii
Year 2010, December
Work private exhibition - A living painting for an old projector, worn out computer and perforated wall
Name Real Deal Gallery: Avant Garage Art, 'You Feel the Way You Think', Oulu
Year 2010
Work installations, music videos
Name Mansedanse 2010: Whatta Hell Happened, In the Eye of the Beholder, Music video reel, Tampere
Year 2010
Work visual set-ups and installations
Name Oulun taiteiden yö: 'Flying High, Virtual Stage, Shaman Swarm, Muse festival: Whatta Hell Happened, Oulu
Year 2010
Work resident visualist as cj hekxsa
Name Wicked Wednesdays, Oulu
Year 2010
Work visuals as cj hekxsa
Name Moses Hazy tribute to Ziggy Stardust, 45 Special Oulu, Suisto-klubi Hämeenlinna, On the Rocks Helsinki
Year 2009
Work curator
Name Oulun music video festival, special screening 'Heksan korvia hivelevät kuvat' series of classic music films, Oulu
Year 2009
Work visual set-ups and installations
Name Oulun taiteiden yö: 'Dress in the Window, Ujo kuva - arka aihe; High Definition 2009, Oulu
Year 2009 - 2010
Work resident visualist as cj hekxsa, visuals
Name Monday Mayhem club, Children of Boom club, Piknik pikkujoulu 2009, Oulu
Year 2007-2008
Work club visuals and visual set-ups as cj hekxsa
Name Happi club, Häkä club, Happi tent (Qstock music festival), Oulu
Year 2007
Work visual set-ups and installations
Name V-Lab closing seminar, Muse festival, Oulu; Performance Fiesta, Tampere
Year 2002 - 2006
Work club visuals and visual set-ups with Kyperjokki
Name Trank club, Timetunnel 9, Timetunnel 10, B-Eat-Z club, Oulu; Destination 3, Rovaniemi
Year 2005
Work concept refinement and exhibition stall design, Hannover
Name Castle of Gamelot - Cebit fair installation
Year 2005
Work Installation graphics for an interactive mobile set-up
Name TIME JOURNEY OULU, Section Future, Jubileum exhibition in Oulu Hall, Oulu
Year 1997
Work Crusade II, an interactive installation
Name The Drum and the Camera, Gallen-Kallela Museum, Espoo
Year 1994
Work Electric Flesh, an interactive installation
Name Gallery Muu, Helsinki
Year 1994
Work Crusade, an interactive installation
Name Electric Art, Rauma Museum of Art, Turku Museum of Art, Alvar Aalto museum, Jyväskylä
Year 1992
Work Independently yours, a real-time digital photo manipulation, computer and video installation
Name Jubileum Finland: The Main gala of 75th Finnish Independence Day, PM reception, Tampere convention center, Exhibition hall, Tampere
Year 1992
Work Get Lost in Hyperspace, associative and interactive picture book
Name Tampere Biennale, Tampere
Year 1990 - 1991
Work CODEX B, hypernovel
Name Do machines think, Science Museum Heureka, Vantaa; Interactive Media Art, Gallery Otso, Espoo; Muu ry, 12 rooms to the future, Tampere Museum of Modern Art, Tampere
Year 1990 - 1991
Work 'Myrkynkylväjät' a weekly radio show (3 hrs./week)
Name Radio 957, Tampere
Year 1987
Work Computer graphics, design and implementation
Name Aihetta huoleen: Yö ja usva, Director Nieminen Jarmo. Finnish Broadcasting Company, TV2