Codex B Hypernovel

 The HyperNovel is fictive diary by Leonardo da Vinci from the time he painted La Gioconda = Mona Lisa. It incorporates two themes: namely a love-affair with Leonardo and the model and the deliberations of Leonardo and some of his friends on a design for a calculator. (He did have some sketches of one!!!)
 This is a prototype for what a hypertext Novel might be. We demonstrated it publicly in a seminar on HyperArts - here in Finland August 12 1990. It was originally designed to run on Mac plusses with hard disk. Personally I think it is at its best on something faster, like SE30.
 My role in the affair was that of a director (if ones uses the analogy of film making). I am responsible for the look and feel of codex 1.1 -stack and I also lead the way for the students to do some scripting for their animation and such. However we strived to keep and nurture all ideas so in the end we felt very satisfied with the result as a prototype.
 Hypernovel was announced public in August 1990 and was an experimental project to attempt an emerging fiction form namely hypermedia novel. The implementation team was directed, trained and tutored by Heikki Salo.

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