Curriculum Vitae

Surname/First names Salo Heikki, Matti, Tapio
Telephone Mobile:+358 (0)40 3220406 (+2 GMT)
E-mail heksa2007 (at) gmail (dot) com
Nationality Finnish
Date of Birth 26th of April 1955
Gender Male
Occupational Field Free Lance Artist, Designer, Visualist, Program Designer

Work Experience

For the most of my professional career I have been involved in education: my teaching experience spans from cognitively challenged pre-teens to academic level and adult education. At university level I have mainly lectured and tutored on a variety of programing languages and design methodologies. Since the beginning of 90s I have pioneered in teaching and developing curricula for media related arts in several universities, polytechnical universities and art schools.

My teaching career has been complemented by entrepreneurial streches of various lengths. I have laid down business plans and written strategic 'white papers' for startup companies. On my own I have consulted various institutions and individuals on the possibilities of computer related media and general use of computers (Finnish National Lottery Company "Veikkaus oy", University of Industrial Arts Helsinki, Finnish National Board of Education, etc.)

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Education and training

After majoring in literature and esthetics I took to computer science in sync with the introduction of personal computers and graphical user interfaces. I received my M.A. degree from the University of Tampere in 1990. I have attended several doctoral seminars and vocational expert symposiae to broaden and deepen my skills and vision in interactive media applications and user interface technologies and techniques.

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Personal skills and competences  
Mother tongue Finnish
Other languages

Understanding Speaking Writing
listening reading interaction production
English Proficient Proficient Independent Proficient Proficient
Swedish Proficient Proficient Independent Basic Basic
French Proficient Proficient Basic Basic Basic
German Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic
Social skills and competences  
Team work: I have participated in numerous research projects and content productions both as a team member and a leader. These include artistic presentations and educational media content productions. My strengths are in problem solving and ability to communicate and share knowledge within the team. I am not afraid to take initiative nor responsibility if and when the need arises.
Mediating skills: As a negotiator I have been characterized as a precise and well-informed participant having the ability to detect and formulate the essentials even of a seemingly discordant discussion. As a result I have often been used as a negotiator and contract drafter in customer relations.
Intercultural skills: I thrive in a multinational work environment and I am sensitive to cultural differences. I can work in groups with heterogeneous language skills and different cultural persuations.
Organizational skills and competences

Entrepreneurship training and experience has refined my experience in blue-printing, planning and preparing for projects with ambitious goals.

My forte is in recognizing emerging patterns and the ability to research the tasks well enough to generate alternative solutions when needed and readjust tasks and resources to improve the process and its results.

Computer skills and competences Expert knowledge of Macintosh environment and unix systems. Hands on experience in rich interactive media systems, I am comfortable with your garden variety office tools, but mainly exploring image and video editing and processing, web and dvd authoring. I have various degrees of familiarity in different programming paradigms (object oriented, functional, declarative, procedural and parallel) and several programming languages (assembly, c, pascal, fortran, cobol, modula 2, c++, APL, Lisp dialects, prolog, smalltalk, java, javascript, perl, python, shell scripting etc.) I have implemented the bulk of my visuals with ArtMatic, Breve, Hypercard, Prosessing and Quartz Composer.
Additional information


After completing the hypernovel and finishing my M.A. I published a number of articles, columns and writings in books, journals and newspapers. However, none of them were peer-reviewed and thus could be at best characterised as educational material.

During 90s I established myself as a proponent of computer-based networked technologies and an early adapter of them. Also for this reason the bulk of my writing is in Finnish and from today's perspective technically somewhat out-dated. However since most of my ideas were based on experience and stemmed from problems encountered in implementing and producing deliverables, they do bear some general relevance even today.

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Artistic activities

Since 1987 I have actively experimented with computer animation, installations, simulations and interactivity. In most cases my works have been exhibited in group exhibitions or in collaboration with other artists. For the past ten years I have developed and cultivated personal expression through music visualisations, which by nature are relatively short lived.

I have sought to find techniques and expressions that are 'native' to computers through my artistic career. I have developed mosaic techniques for image manipulation and enhancement, experimented with depth perception (bringing depth into two-dimensional images) and programed tools for dynamic RGB color systems. Mostly my works are based on a continuously computed layouts or compositions, with a parameterized interface and a control layer. Often times the functionalities, pictorial material, color schemes and interface methods can be modified and exchanged to better fit into the intended set-up environment. I have been often forced to reduce these 'Living Paintings' to video loops or image sequences for public display.


Theatre and drama

In theatre I have participated in some 20 productions totalling more than 300 shows. My experiences include acting both on stage and in front of camera (among them about a dozen major roles), directing (among them four full length plays and over two hours of educational video clips), dramatizing (half a dozen comprehensive texts) and translating (from English, French and German to Finnish).

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