cj hekxsa curriculum vitae - Drama and Theatre
Year 2010
Tasks actor, role of Robert Mossley
Name Dr Professor's Thesis of Evil, a motion novel, Oulu
Year 2004 - 2007
Tasks minor and major roles in short films and educational videos
Name Kyperjokki, Oulu
Year 1988
Tasks computer support and consultation
Name Henrik VI, director Väinö Vainio; University of Tampere, Actors' studio, Yle TV2 and Radio theater
Year 1984
Tasks director
Name Gogol: The Revisor, Tampere Students' Theatre
Year 1982
Tasks translation, dramatization and directing
Name 'Wie heisst das Liebe' by Fehrmann-Flügge-Franke; Valkeakoski Town Theatre
Year 1981
Tasks translation and dramatization
Name Shakespeare: Mid-Summer Night's Dream; Valkeakoski Town Theatre
Year 1979 - 1982
Tasks 10 major roles (as an actor), 3 directing projects
Name Valkeakoski Town Theatre
Year 1977
Tasks free lance actor
Name Finnish Broadcasting Company, TV2
Year 1974-1977
Tasks writer, actor, director; set studio, writers' studio, board: member of
Name Tampere Students' Theatre